Everyone likes followers


Start bloggers all just want to have followers, likes, and comments. It’s likes omg yay. πŸŽ† It does make me feel good, so I don’t blame people. But I think we get out of the reason why we started. For me I am blogging because I want to learn to express myself and not feel like everyone will hate what I say. Today I already got 80 views and 18 likes. Which I guess not alot but it’s just a simple goal. I am happy about it. There are so many YouTube vidoes and blogs about how to get started. It’s so overwhelming but you know what I am here just to express myself and to make this website mine. To create a page I can go and let my mind wonder away. I started a blog before and I got so lost in all the information everyone had to offer, like coding. Really, how did I end up there?? I am a computer person I do know alittle coding but blogging it’s self is different then trying to start a online business. I had an online before to. So I noticed a very big difference. Blogging is like exploring and talking about stuff you love. An online business is selling, shipping, data, ECT… So ya I see what I was doing wrong before. I was trying to start an online store in a blog. Lol. So, I got this!!! I can do it. I am going to post some videos. Watch out for them and please let me what you think. It’s something new for me. Thanks for reading. 😁


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