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I want to be me, and only me. 

Everyone wants to do what they want and not do what they dislike. Don’t blame them. I am the same way. And it’s OK to want what you want. Unfortunately sometimes we can’t have what we want. It sucks but life will go on. On the other hand, we can aim to get what we want. My point is in my life I clearly don’t have alot of what I want in my life. Like, apartment, car, school, and a career but I will try try and try to get where I want to be in life. But today I feel so down. I feel like even if I do try, I still won’t get where I want to be. I feel hurt and lost. So today I am going to use the quote “I am going to live for today and do what I can”.  If that isn’t good enough for anyone then go f#$! Off. What ever I can get done is good for today. I allways have tomorrow. If any one is will me, can I get a like. Thanks you all for reading! 😁


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