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Need help with back pain? + My experience

Many people experience back pain. In fact about 6 million people do. You can imagine how much back pain is going around. Too bad, back pain can’t turn into happiness, the world would be a better place. There so many reasons why your back can hurt. I feel bad for anyone who is suffering from this. Back pain can ruin dreams. Obviously I can’t tell you a cure for this simple disastrous reaction. But, I can combine this post with some ways I relieve my pain with some suggestions I found online. First I would like to share my last night experience with back pain. ( Its short, I promise.)

My back has been hurting for about 4 days now and normally if my back hurts for that long and I can’t get it to go away then I have a kidney infection. I have had kidney problems since I been born. Its something I cant sit on or mess around with. So, I finally told my boyfriend and asked him to bring me to the E.R. Before I left my mom was telling us ho much things that could wrong with my back. It was scary but it made me open my eyes up more about the bad issues young people like my self( I am 25) can have. I am going to skip over the E.R stay( If you want to hear the story, comment below please. I will be happy to tell you.) The doctor end up telling me I do have a UTI(urine tract infection) which is normal for me, I get them a lot. I asked the doctor why could my back hurt if the problem was in my bladder. He said that the middle section of the body is very much linked. It made since. That inspire me to write this post.

 3 ways I relieve back pain at home

  1. Hot showers – I take a lot of showers when I am sick or in pain and it really helps me.
  2. Laying flat – The other night I slept on the kitchen floor.
  3. Try not to sit in a chair or in the car for a long period of time – This really helps me not have back pain during the day.


3 suggestions I found online

  1. Hot or cold therapy – Everyone kinda knows this one but there are many ways to doing this. Just find what works for you. Listen to your body.
  2. Rice in sock+microwave –  I know someone who does this and it is AWESOME. Just fill a sock with rice about half way, tie it for a hair tie or a rubber band. Put in microwave until right temp for you.
  3. Release your inner endorphins – Exercise, scare yourself, adult play, or anything that ill get these endorphins up.

If you would like more about relieving back pain, comment below or Contact me and I would be very happy to share more. I hope you don’t have to experience back pain and if you do, I am sorry that you have to go through that. I really am. Many blessing send to you!


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