Different & Unexpected

What Is Her Story?

Today is a calm day, kids don’t have school today. I been blogging all this morning, just enjoying myself. I went to sit on my porch to have a cigarette and I see a older women aimlessly walking around. She is short, normal weight, hunchbacked with her arm in the back of her, her hands folder. She is walking on the side walk then heads to the street making her way back around to an end street my apartment is on. Stands in one area for a while watching the workers on the street. I immediately notice her because of this behavior. A few questions come to mind then became fascinated by her. I wonder about her. I want to know more about her. What is her story? Where does she planning to be? Her body looks worn down, why? She had a kind of long apron on but I couldn’t see what was in front. Does she have kids? Maybe grand kids? A feeling of a life of hard work washed over me, like she has been struggling her whole life and today she decided to go for a walk. Something she can do mindlessly, enjoying everything around her. She didn’t seem drunk or medicated. She seem peaceful. She seemed with one with herself. For this reason she is my favorite person I seen today. I wonder….  What is her story?




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