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Love/hate relationship??

I haven’t allways loved my mom. Well maybe I allways loved her but not liked her. There was a time when I really just wanted to “hate” her but at the some time I didn’t because I understood there things I couldn’t see. I believe alot of kids can relate. Me and my mom been…… Continue reading Love/hate relationship??

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I want to be me, and only me. 

Everyone wants to do what they want and not do what they dislike. Don’t blame them. I am the same way. And it’s OK to want what you want. Unfortunately sometimes we can’t have what we want. It sucks but life will go on. On the other hand, we can aim to get what we…… Continue reading I want to be me, and only me. 

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Sweet dreams

Sitting here, eating cereal.. I wonder.. My love, what are you dreaming about? Your stressful day? Your worries? Your kids? Silly things? Your desires? Your love for me? My love, my boyfriend, my best friend, my serect holder, my rock, I hope you are having the sweetest of dreams. I hope you are have everything…… Continue reading Sweet dreams